Friday, October 30, 2015

Why Halloween Isn't For Me

When I was a kid, there was nothing like some good ol' horror movies and being scared to go to sleep at night. I remember watching Chucky, and thinking everyone of my sister's baby dolls would become real when I closed my eyes. Horror movies terrified me, but it was like I didn't like it; but I liked it. Weird, I know!

There were other type scary movies that I watched also. These were the movies of people being demon possessed, making crazy faces, and things moving when no one was in the room. Now, those movies were the scariest ones to me; probably because they always talked about demons in church. These movies created me to have a fear of demons as a child. I believe that's one of the tricks that the devil wants to use for us as Christians to fear what we should have dominion over through the power of God. Nevertheless, I still watched them.

As a child, my mom was pretty protective over us. It wasn't a super crazy protective, but she was really protective over the things she allowed us to do. Sometimes she didn't like the thought of somethings, but we would cry so much that should would allow us to do them. SOMETIMES. When it came to Halloween, my mom didn't really want us to go trick-or-treating, but we would cry and tell her how all of our other friends would be going. But she still didn't let us go. She would tell us that it wasn't a day that we should celebrate. She also didn't want us to go walking through our neighborhood that late by ourselves. But after some time, she started to let us go with our cousins. after about 2 years later, that ended also. This is when we started to go to "trunk-or-treat" at church. It was supposed to be the alternative to trick-or-treating. My siblings and I thought it was lame. But they had free candy, so we went.

So, the question is, Why Not Celebrate Halloween?

Honestly, I don't have a deep answer for you. I just believe it's one of the most demonic days that one can celebrate. Of course, I did research the day in which it originated, but it didn't take that for me to see that this isn't a day that I should celebrate or participate in. It's the celebration of demons, witches, warlocks, false identity, and darkness. I'm a child of the light, no need to play in darkness (my version of Thessalonians 5:5). Many would say that it's just an innocent day, but I don't quite see it that way. There are many demonic things that happen on that day, that many people aren't even aware of. I believe the real danger of this day is more spiritual than physical. I choose to opt out. Many would say, "Doesn't the kids need an alternative?" Why do we need an alternative? Why do the church feel like it has to compete or stay relevant to the world on that day?

"Then what about Thanksgiving and Christmas?" What about them? Thanksgiving and Christmas isn't HALLOWEEN! People ask me this because they think I have an issue with "holidays". While I don't really care for holidays, I don't believe they all are as demonic as Halloween. Of course, here comes the pagan debates. But my issue isn't necessarily with holidays, but with the darkness of that holiday. I thank God for the convictions that he places in our spirit, because he's never wrong.

Halloween isn't for me. Not because it's pagan, but because it's demonic. I'd rather eat strawberry cheesecake.


  1. Agreed 100%! Thanks for sharing this bro.

  2. I rather eat Strawberry Cheesecake too! Lol

  3. I rather eat Strawberry Cheesecake too! Lol

  4. Good Stuff! It's not that deep. It's simple - don't play hop scotch with the devil and stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  5. !!! I've always wondered why the church had to have an alternative to Halloween...but I thought I was crazy for thinking that. If we don't celebrate then that's the end of the story. It's almost compromising in my opinion like trying to find a way to meet in the middle but we don't have to do that! I'm a teacher and my students asked my if I was giving them candy for halloween and I told them 'No'. There's no rule that says I have to (they are middle school so holiday celebrations phase out anyway). But I don't have children and I've already thought of myself as becoming a 'bad' parent because I do not want my children celebrating Halloween or dressing up. But I know I'm not going to be a bad parent for that. Thanks for your blog!

  6. I thank God for this post.Halloween is really demonic and i totally agree with you that it has a lot of spiritual implications Truly we serve the same God.Hallelujah

  7. I am so glad you posted this. It really is demonic. When i was praying one time the lord showed me how witches chant over the sweets theyu give to children that come to their doors.Here in the UK i did research and discovered a society of witches go to the river Thames and drop things in the river every Halloween as worship to their Gods.It's refreshing to see someone is bold enough to post this.

  8. Wow thank I too would not celebrate it bcoz u r the 2nd person has given me light on this. Though in my country we don't have this in our calendar am from Africa a country called Kenya.

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